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Our Expanded Care Scoliosis Plan

Understanding CLEAR™ Treatment Options

Expanded scoliosis care at Elite Chiropractic, a CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment Center

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Scoliosis is an incredibly complex condition involving much more than the spinal column. There is no one magic adjustment or therapy which will work in every case. Scoliosis treatment must be customized to the particular, specific needs of each individual patient.

However, there are certain key aspects of our protocols which are integral to achieving consistent, measurable success in scoliosis treatment. We have developed two specific programs that are fully customized to your child’s specific type and degree of scoliosis curvature.


We also offer an “Expanded” care treatment plan for patients who live close enough to our clinic location to allow frequent weekly appointments. The expanded care treatment plan option is essentially the same treatment as the intensive care option except the patient is seen 3 times per week over the course of 2-4 months. This option may be attractive due to possible insurance restrictions and treatment can be carried out without missing any time from school or work.

Following the intensive or expanded scoliosis treatment plan, the patient will be provided a comprehensive, customized home re-habilitation protocol designed to maintain the gains achieved during the treatment period, promote further gains in the correction of their spinal curvature, and help the patient in-crease spinal stability during the upcoming periods of growth spurts.

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