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Following Initial Treatment

scoliosis care at Elite Chiropractic, a CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment Center in Austin

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Ongoing Scoliosis Care

After treatment, we will take a series of post x-rays to validate the effectiveness of the treatment protocol. The specific x-rays which are necessary are limited as much as possible to the patient’s specific condition. For example, if the initial x-ray demonstrated that the patient’s low back was in pretty good shape prior to beginning care, a sideways view of the low back might not be necessary.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every patient will show a reduction in the severity of the scoliotic curve, as measured by Cobb angle, within this time frame. This is due to the fact that Cobb angle is a measurement of only one dimension of the spine, and scoliosis is, in fact, a three-dimensional condition.

Continuing Your Child’s Progress

Before the sideways curve can be reduced or corrected, the spine must be derotated and decompressed in the other two dimensions. Treating a complex spinal disorder such as scoliosis is a little like reversing the path of a runaway train. It takes time to first slow down the momentum, then more time is needed to change the course of the disease.

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