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Intensive Scoliosis Treatment

Intensive scoliosis treatment that results in recovery starts with precision x-rays at our Scoliosis Treatment Center. Our staff understands there’s no one adjustment or treatment that works for all patients, which is why your treatment plan will be created uniquely to meet your needs. We make use of the CLEAR Protocol for the best possible outcome.

At Scoliosis Treatment Center, we feel that while a decrease in physical signs can make an enormous distinction in your life, the correct treatment goes even further. It is able to transform you by placing you back in control of your overall health, and reminding you that there’s always hope. Some other treatments concentrate just on the element of the backbone which is curved, but our approach in intensive scoliosis treatment addresses the spine as a whole. By working on balance and weight distribution all of the way from the pelvis to the skull, we’re in a position to modify the messages sent out by the central nervous system, increasing the likelihood of a better quality of life.

At Scoliosis Treatment Center, our unique and innovative approaches to the lessening of the symptoms of scoliosis include our latest advancement, which includes intensive scoliosis treatment programs for many of our valued patients. Depending on your own set of circumstances, such as the development of scoliosis, and how far it has progressed, our intensive treatment program may be the perfect option for you. Intensive mean just that – you will spend one to two weeks within the program, with each week consisting of between 25-30 hours of therapy methods. You will be introduced to our state of the art exercise equipment, along with receiving your customized home care instructions, so that the healing process may continue.

Scoliosis causes the bones of the backbone to rotate so that rather than a straight line down the middle of the back, the spine looks a lot more like the letter “C” or perhaps “S.” Scoliosis curves most often occur in the middle and upper back. They could in addition develop in the lower back, and sometimes, will happen in the lower and upper parts of the backbone. Idiopathic, (meaning there is no known cause), scoliosis curves differ in size, and gentle curves are definitely more typical compared to larger curves. In case a child is still growing, a scoliosis curve is able to worsen quickly during a growth spurt.

In preparing a child’s treatment, a specialized doctor is going to take into consideration exactly how intense the child’s curve actually is and exactly where it takes place in the spinal column. The child’s age is additionally a crucial factor – in case the child’s back is growing, it is going to affect treatment choices. The physician is going to determine exactly how likely it is that the curve will get even worse, and then recommend treatment alternatives to satisfy the child’s specific requirements.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of our intensive scoliosis treatment programs, Scoliosis Treatment Center would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can learn more about our intensive therapy options, along with more information regarding our amazing scoliosis treatment methods. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, or you can simply call us at 512.331.6751, and speak with one of our caring and knowledgeable medical staff members.