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Mix fix set scoliosis treatment

Scoliosis treatment re-balances spinal curves

Scoliosis is a complex combination of biomechanical alterations or abnormalities beyond just the commonly recognized lateral bend in the spine.

To effectively treat scoliosis, you first need to recognize, identify, and quantify the contributing conditions. The CLEAR™ method for treating scoliosis reflects the complexity of this condition. However, there are certain key aspects of our protocols which are integral to achieving consistent, measurable success in scoliosis treatment. CLEAR™ set up a series of protocols called the Mix, Fix, Set.

The “MIX” phase (Warm Up)

The first part of treatment is the “Mix” stage. The patient is required to warm up the spine using devices such as the Active Rehabilitation Chair (This is a seat placed on a pivot that allows us to perform different movements that pump nutrients into the disc to increase spinal range of motion), the Cervical Traction (the cervical traction unit is used to help traction the spine and aid in pumping nutrients into the disc of the cervical spine), and the Vibrating Traction (which uses a slow, relaxing vibration which has been scientifically proven to relax the ligaments and soft tissues of the spine).

The scoliosis Eckard table uses motorized flexion/distraction to apply continuous passive motion in areas of inherent rigidity at the apical regions of the scoliotic spine. It is important to understand that if the MIX protocols are not followed, the intervertebral discs will be rigid and inflexible, and it will be difficult if not impossible to effect structural changes to the spine.

The “FIX” phase (Precision Adjustments)

The second part of treatment is the “Fix” stage. Once the supporting spinal structures are loosened and pliable, the doctor will use safe and specific chiropractic adjustments, performed with the aid of precision adjusting instruments and drop pieces to direct the spine into proper alignment. All the adjustments are performed based upon the analysis of your specific x-ray configuration and therefore unique to each patient.

These adjustments are created from 41 different measurements and 23 different angles all determined from your initial x-rays. Our method of adjusting is based off years of clinical research by hundreds of doctors. CLEAR™ Scoliosis Institute has compiled this research and selected the “best of the best” and applied it to the scoliotic spine.

The “SET” phase (Neuromuscular Re-education)

The first part of the “Set” phase is the Scoliosis Traction Chair. It combines traction with de-rotation and lateral traction to create a mirror-image position of the scoliotic spinal configuration. Whole-body vibration is used simultaneously to help the body erase its old programs and patterns of behavior, and re-train the brain and body to work together to achieve lasting correction.

Re-Locking the Spine

The second part of the “Set” phase involves re-locking the spine. After the spine has been loosened and repositioned we want to recruit new muscle activity by using a specialized cantilever system or weights applied specifically to activate the body’s own righting reflexes.

The scoliosis cantilever systems have been developed to create subconscious reaction to the forces created from the cantilever. This challenges the scoliotic spine and the neurological reflexes causing the torso, pelvis and head to reposition and shift into a more favorable position. These innovative exercises challenge the deep intrinsic spinal muscles of the scoliosis, making them become more active, due to increases in demand eventually causing the body to hold itself in a straighter position.

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