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Scoliosis Treatment: Precision X-Rays

X-rays reveal scoliosis

Precise x-rays are taken

There is no one magic adjustment or therapy which will work in every case. This is the reason why understanding our protocols and especially the science behind them is important. Scoliosis treatment must be customized to the particular, specific needs of each individual patient.

CLEAR™ Scoliosis Protocols

The first step in the CLEAR™ Protocols involves gathering information about the biomechanical function of the entire spine – not just the area(s) affected by scoliosis. It is important to understand what is occurring in the neck and hips in order to affect the middle of the spine.

To obtain this information, seven small, precise x-rays are necessary. A scoliosis x-ray is also mandated if a recent film is not available. These seven views should include three side views of the neck (one with the eyes looking down, one with the eyes looking up, and one with the eyes straight ahead), a side view of the low back, two frontal views of the neck (one with the eyes straight ahead, and one with the eyes looking up), and one frontal view of the low back.

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