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Scoliosis Chiropractor

At Scoliosis Treatment Center, we are proud to have the state’s best scoliosis doctor on our staff. If you’re currently searching for a facility to treat your condition, we invite you to make a call to our office at 512-331-6751 to schedule a visit with Dr. Collin to discuss your treatment options. Dr. Collin believes your body is designed to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractors pride themselves on taking an all natural, drug-free approach to helping their patients reach the health goals that they require. Basically, the fundamental principle in which the whole profession is based on, would be that the body has the amazing, built-in ability to heal itself, under the proper conditions, and it is the chiropractor’s duty to help you develop an environment which invites this inner healing procedure. A dedicated and trusted scoliosis chiropractor has the medical know how and the proper resources that are needed to assist you with obtaining a pain free lifestyle. For nearly the last twenty years, the experts at Scoliosis Treatment Center have been proving quality care with lasting results.

At Scoliosis Treatment Center, we are referred to as the number one rated treatment facility that provides the most caring and knowledgeable scoliosis chiropractor available. Our proven treatment programs and alternative techniques in the treatment of scoliosis have been shown as being highly effective and extremely beneficial. One of the most advantageous benefits to our unique approaches and methods is the fact that all of our treatment programs are completely drug free. You will never be prescribed and types of pain medications, and you will also be discouraged from using any over the counter medications, as well. Proper nutrition, a daily exercise routine, along with getting plenty of sleep are the keys to good overall health.

The issue we come across in Western cultures is the bad habit of our practice of sitting down all day long, as it does a great deal of damage to our posture and spine. Nowadays it is typical to spend a long time sitting while being glued to a cellular phone, laptop computer or iPad. Few individuals take the time on a daily basis to effectively stretch, fix their posture or even take part in adequate physical exercise. The “hunched over” lifestyle which is very prominent nowadays causes straining on the neck, because of an ailment called “forward head posture.” Studies show that for every inch the head sticks out from the center of gravity, the neck bears an additional ten pounds of tension.

During posture evaluations, chiropractors regularly observe a lot of their patients carrying their head two to three inches forward, and that is an additional 20 to 30 pounds of stress on the neck. Imagine about precisely how serious this could be for the wellness of someone’s spine, and just how this straining then spills over to several other areas of the body. Locating a great chiropractor is not just crucial to correcting the harm brought on by many years of bad posture or trauma – it is also essential for everyone wanting to take a proactive approach to protecting their overall health.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of visiting our scoliosis chiropractor, please visit our website at, to learn more. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, or please call us at 512.331.6751, and speak with one of our caring and knowledgeable staff members.